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Our Dream
One World Forever was a thought by Mr Kedar Padte who realized his motive of being born on this planet and he took the decision to act upon his thought. Here is his message to convince us to look at the World the way it actually is..
Widen Our Circle of Compassion
I am a simple humble human being, insignificantly small. This call to all of you today is on behalf of billions and billions of such small, insignificant human beings.

All who are like me, hate violence, love peace, and are generally ready to help anybody who needs help. Nationality, caste, creed, religion and politics do not mean much to all like me. To me all human beings are 'one'. We are all one large 'life', undivided. We are one with nature - an absolutely integral part of nature. And just as nothing is divided in nature, we should all be one.

Think! The food grains are not Hindu, Muslim, Christian or Buddhists. The water we drink is not English, American, Chinese or African. The houses or shelters or clothes or vehicles have no political sides or caste or creed or religion. In other words, the main areas of disputes in the humanity are not essential needs, but man-made problems.

Our blood group, the diseases we suffer from and the medicines that act against them have no religion or nationality. Our happiness and sorrow are not classified either. Nature did not make borders or divide land into states or countries. Then why do the unnatural.

Let’s all unite, let’s all be one. No countries, no borders, no armies, no nuclear weapons, no mass starvations, and no genocides.
Let there be one world. Let there be one currency. Let there be one law for all humans.
Let there be one constitution.
Let there be no single head of the world, but a 1000 heads to rule. Each one from a segment of the world to represent a given segment of latitude and longitude.
Let decisions be taken by democratic means by all heads - to lead the world into a marvelous tomorrow.
Let countries, states and nations become history, for our grand-children to wonder and laugh at.
Lets unite. Lets become worldians - not Asians, Americans or Africans or Australians.
Lets all be 'ONE'.

It is my intention to start this movement called the one world movement. I shall call for members and request a membership fee, which will finance correspondence to propagate this idea throughout the world. I am really small and not intelligent. I do not mind another zealous and energetic man/woman taking over the reigns from one and making a better progress. I have discussed this idea with friends and relatives and most people seem to like the same. If there are others who have started this same movement - lets all merge.

This may appear to be a little weird. If you also sincerely feel so - please let us know in no uncertain words (bad words included - in print only). You are very important to us, and your opinion - even more.

If you feel you are wasting your time, please ignore it. But if you choose to read the whole stuff - do comment.

However, if you agree, at least to a 50% extent, and agree not to disagree, then you are our member.

We earnestly request you to tell about this to your friends, and if anyone is interested, forward our literature to them. More members - more people know - may actually result in one world some day.

Dr. Kedar Padte
Altinho, Panaji - Goa.
Idea Conceptualized 16th Dec 1979
Can we drop the borders?
Can’t we just have ONE WORLD?
  CALL : +91 9822 100 518

“We must learn to live together as brothers, or we are going to perish as fools”
– Martin Luther King, Jr

“No one person had to do it all but if each one of us follows our heart and our own inclinations we will find the small things that we can do to create a sustainable future and a healthy environment “
– John Denver

“We may have different religions, DIFFERENT languages, different colored skins, but we all belong to one human race.”
– Kofi Annan