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One World is a place where we don't blame each other in times of crisis, we provide help unconditionally
Posted By: Glenn Raposo on 16th June 2009

I feel that one world is a place where everyone comes together irrespective of their color, caste or religion.
Posted By: Warren Menezes on 16th June 2009

I make it a point to switch off the lights whenever not in use
Posted By: Glenn Raposo on 16th June 2009

To help preserve this world i make it a point to plant 365 trees in a year
Posted By: Warren Menezes on 16th June 2009

Can we drop the borders?
Can’t we just have ONE WORLD?
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“We must learn to live together as brothers, or we are going to perish as fools”
– Martin Luther King, Jr

“No one person had to do it all but if each one of us follows our heart and our own inclinations we will find the small things that we can do to create a sustainable future and a healthy environment “
– John Denver

“We may have different religions, DIFFERENT languages, different colored skins, but we all belong to one human race.”
– Kofi Annan